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There are few things I enjoy more than packing my car and driving across the great American heartland. America is an incredibly diverse country filled with grass valleys, mountains, lakes and the deserts of the Great Southwest. My favorite highway used to be Route 66, nicknamed America's Sweetheart Highway. It was made famous quite a few years ago by musician songwriter actor Bobby Troupe who wrote a best-selling song, 'I Get My Kicks on Route 66.'

Time away from poker

For the past couple of days, I have been packing for my trip back to Pennsylvania. Yep, it's true. I am leaving Phoenix to spend some time back in the green fields and four seasons country of Western Pennsylvania. I will be spending some time with my brother and stomping around the grounds where I grew up. That will be a pleasure. Thomas Wolfe wrote a book about not being able to go back home again. Wolfe is a brilliant writer and one of my favorites -- I loved his 'Electric Koolaid Acid Test' -- but I think he's wrong on this one. Of course, you can go back home again. You have changed, your hometown may have changed, but change is what life is all about.

Big poker mistakes

It happens all the time in poker. When I was younger and foolish, it even happened. And I hate to admit it, but it still occasionally occurs when I forget to use the brain the good Lord gave me. A player will sit down at your table with a ton of chips. The buy-in may be $40, but he piles $1,000 or more in front of him. With a confident smirk, he is telling the other people at the table he is there for action.

A player who did not like to talk

When I sit down at a poker table, I am about as sociable a fellow as you'll find anywhere. Some of my fellow players think I am too socialable. In the past I have been accused of talking too much and once a player even called a floor person to accuse me of being too verbal. He threatened to leave the game if I kept talking and I interjected, with a smile, 'That won't be any great loss.' The floor man solved the issue and he didn't leave. But as we all know, poker players come in all sizes and shapes. There's a player at Talking Stick Casino near Scottsdale, AZ. who we refer to as The Hermit..

Poker lessons you need to learn

Some people never learn. Don't feel like I am bashing my readers. I include myself as part of this list of indictments of people who never learn. I am specifically referring to Texas Hold'em. There is a part of Texas Hold'em where many players falter and I can guarantee you it costs them money. This failure in strategy is so major it can mean the difference between being a winning or losing Hold'em player. Now most of us know how to identify the raising hands in Texas Hold'em. We are dealt A-K, A-Q, pocket queens or jacks, and our natural inclination is to raise.

How to be the best poker version of yourself

Poker players talk about a lot of things between hands... The mind is a restless source of energy. When you aren't concentrating on winning a hand, you think about things and thinking generally leads to making a comment about a subject, usually relating to poker. Like, 'In your opinion, who do you think is the best poker player of all time?' I asked that question the other day during a Texas Hold'em game. The question got several replies. Doyle Brunson. Stu Ungar. Daniel Negraneau. One player named somebody I had never heard of, someone who had played at the casino where we were playing.

Be selective when choosing which poker game to play

Do you ever have those days when you can't decide on what poker games you want to play at your favorite casino? I am not ashamed to admit it has happened to me. And I know it has happened to my poker-playing friends. Most poker players don't confine themselves to one game. They pride themselves on being able to play all or most of the games that a poker room offers. While money limitations may keep them from the higher priced games, they are curious enough to want to know the basic rules and strategies for all the games the poker room offers.

Sensible approach to a poker game

I really work hard to discover new ways to help our website members improve their poker game and make more money at the table.Some of my advice comes from my own personal experiences at the table. Other columns result from questions posed by our members. You can be sure of one thing -- I never ignore a legitimate question and all of my advice comes from the heart. When I find myself losing money...

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer

Whether you like it or not, those players sitting around you in a poker game are your enemies -- and that includes the friendly ones. Away from the game, they may be your friends. But in poker when you are playing for money or to win a tournament, you can only look at them as your enemies and treat them as foes who must be vanquished.

Crazy Pineapple - the latest poker game

I was playing poker at the Union Plaza Casino in downtown Las Vegas some years ago when I came across one of the weirdest poker games ever invented. Actually, the game I had been playing in broke up and the players were looking for another game to play when somebody suggested, 'Let's play Crazy Pineapple.' Now, to be honest, I had heard about Crazy Pineapple, but I had no idea how to play it and I certainly did not know what strategy to use to gain an advantage over the other players. I asked one of the other players to spell out the rules for me.

Up-and-coming poker players

Here is a trivia question for you. What did Billy the Kid, Jess and Frank James, and Butch Cassidy have in common? Answer: they were young, they were fearless, and they made their own laws in a part of America where lawmen were in short supply. To some people the West is still that way -- a fairly lawless region where you can get away with things you wouldn't attempt back East. The recent shootout between a police officer and two criminals in Las Vegas, NV. is a good example. Over 60 shots were fired as the cop and the two bad guys blazed away at each other until the story came to a deadly end.

The game of poker in 100 years from now

I've Seen the Future of Poker (and I like what I see) It has been slow in coming, I admit. Nobody likes to 'fix' things that don't need fixing. But there are a growing number of people in poker management who actually care about the game and its future and they are doing something to make sure poker exists 20 or 50 or even 100 years from now. Here is how I came across the future of poker. I had driven down to Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, AZ. to play. The casino was full and there were Texas Hold'em and Omaha High-low games underway. I signed up for one of the Omaha games and waited for about an hour until the Floor person called my name.

The biggest poker action in America

It used to be that Las Vegas was the place a poker player had to travel in order to play in a big money poker tournament. Not any more. Arizona, the 'Grand Canyon State,' has managed to climb to the mountain top and is challenging Nevada's poker status by hosting the biggest tournament of the year -- the annual Arizona State Poker Championship. The four-day tournament starts Aug. 10, 2018, and will dispense an estimated $1.1 million to the winners. The tournament will be held at Talking Stick Casino's Arena Poker room on Indian Bend Road just east of Scottsdale, AZ.

Security at gambling establishments

I share a house in Phoenix, AZ. with two great roommates. One of them is Jeff and he collects guns. A native of Utah -- he was raised Mormon -- Jeff grew up in the Great Southwest. One of his jobs has been as a security guard. He's an excellent shot and if you ever find yourself in a fight, he's one of the guys you want on your side. My avocation as a poker player fascinates him and he never seems to tire of my stories. He plies me with questions about my early years as a poker player, including the fact that I carried a gun. 'What kind of gun was it?' Jeff wanted to know.

Eddie Trussell - the best poker buddy

Site 04 was the highest Nike-Hercules missile site in the Continental United States. It sat at the top of Mt. Gleason halfway between Pasadena and Palmdale, CA. I was stationed there as a radar technician for an unforgettable 19 months as part of the North American Air Defense Command (NORAD). One of my best friends on the site was a poker-playing Arizonian named Eddie Trussell. Eddie not only played poker, he played blackjack in the day room, shot dice, and drank beer. We nicknamed him Wild Eddie because he was totally unpredictable.

Gaining experience for poker tournaments

Bruce M. of Columbus, Ohio thinks he is ready to play tournaments and wants to know if I think he is ready. My question to Bruce is, do you think you are ready to take on the world? If your answer is yes, go for it. Tournaments is simply adding another division to the encounters you are willing to add for poker. Always be willing to add adversaries to your circle of poker foes. Don't be afraid to let them gang up on you. That's what makes the game fun. Take on your opponents until the whites of their eyes begins to shine. Then slow down your forward momentum.

Is it possible to win every time you sit at a poker table?

'Dear Geno: Have been following the articles on LatestPokerBonuses and for quite some time. I like your websites and appreciate what you guys and gals are doing for the membership. But there is something about your stories that bugs me and I decided I would go to you for the answer. You write a lot of entertaining stories about playing poker in various places like Arizona, California and the Caribbean. But I noticed something that, if you'll pardon my expression, sort of stretches your credibility. Almost always when you write about an experience at poker, you end up winning! Now I play poker, usually at casinos in Florida or Mississippi. And I know I certainly don't win all the time. Tell me the truth and give an honest answer: Do you always win.'

Check-raising your grandmother

hen I was a child growing up in Western Pennsylvania, my brothers, sister and I had the unusual opportunity of celebrating Christmas twice a year -- on Dec. 25, the traditional Christmas and on Jan. 7, the Russian Christmas. My mother loved Christmas and always made it special for my siblings and me. But the Russian Christmas, held at my maternal grandmother's house in Dravosburg, PA., was always special. Grandma Suznovich had a heavy Croatian accident and a big laugh. She loved vodka, gambling, her children, grandchildren, music, cooking, and life.

Should poker players play more cash games or tournaments?

I want to thank the members of this website for your comments, feedback and questions. They help make my job easier and certainly improve the columns that appear on these websites. David G. from Tucson, AZ. posed an interesting question to me in an email. He writes, 'Geno, my friend and I absolutely love poker. We're both 22 and we have been playing at a casino in Tucson for less than a year. We are managing to hold our own with the regular players here and we have a question for you. What gives a relatively new poker player the best chance to win -- cash games or tournaments. David G., Tucson, AZ.'

Ways to prevail in a poker games

Have you ever played the stock market? In my early years as a journalist, I began studying stocks. I read books written by stock investors who claimed to have made big money playing the market in order to develop a winning strategy. The book was fun to read and sometimes the strategy even worked. One book by Nicholas Darvas, a former professional dancer, told how he had made $2 million playing options. I searched around for a stock that I thought had a chance to sharply increase in value, came up with Tesoro Petroleum which was drilling for oil in the North Seas, and invested in 300 shares of stock in a six-month option.

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