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Welcome to our society page where players will find a little bit of everything while providing a whole lot of knowledge to the poker community. As one of the most sought-after card games in the world, the popularity continues to flourish. Land-based and online platforms entertain legions of players. Enticing stories, articles, events and keeping you up to date on the latest trends are all right here with fresh new material to keep the curious poker mind well-read!

Molly Bloom to Appear at Unibet Open Bucharest

The upcoming Unibet Open in Bucharest, Romania will host a special guest at the JW Marriott Grand Hotel from August 2nd to 5th, as Molly Bloom, famous American entrepreneur and author of Molly's Game: The True Story announces her presence at the press conference and book signing at the e...

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Poker Voted as ‘Game of Skill' in Virginia

It has recently been reported that the Commonwealth of Virginia's Senate has voted the widely popular casino game, poker , as a 'game of skill.' This could mean a major change in the perception of poker throughout the state, as it would modify statutes to define the game using 'skill' r...

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Playtech Supplies First Cross-Border Poker Network

Renowned software development company, Playtech, has just announced that it is part of major move for the gaming industry. More specifically, it will serve as the supplier for the very first cross-border poker poker network, which will go live in collaboration with both Austria's win2day, and Finland'...

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New York Close to Passing Online Poker Regulation

New York was once considered the long shot in a 3 horse race to be the next state to regulate online poker. With Pennsylvania and California moving closer, and passing bills through their respected houses, New York remained silent on the matter. When it comes to politics, nothing is certain except taxes. Early in June 2016, New York took its first steps tow...

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California Poker Law Faces New Obstacles

California is the largest state in the United States. Many see it as the only state that could support an inter-state poker eco-system due to its population. Poker has always been popular in the state with many cardrooms and poker pros calling it home. In years past, some online poker rooms even operated out of California before laws were passed, forcing them...

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Quebec Passes Law to Block Online Gambling ISP's

Online gambling regulation is sweeping the globe. With more and more countries looking to 'cash in' on the game, more and more people are being denied their rights to do what they please. Most countries and governments cite 'consumer protection' when establishing new laws on online gambling. Stating these laws are meant to protect their citizens from h...

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Jesus Returns!

It's been 5 years since Black Friday rocked the poker world. It's been 6 years since we've seen any of the men involved in the Full Tilt poker scandal at a WSOP event. Chris Ferguson, Howard Lederer and Rafe Furst were the main targets of this event and have not been heard from in years. That was up until now! All 3 men were indicted on what the United stat...

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Pennsylvania Could Determine the Fate of Online Gambling in the U.S.

With a presidential election coming up, this means other seats in congress and state legislation will also be up for grabs. Some politicians are up for re-election, while other will retire. One of those retiring is Pennsylvania Representative John Payne. Payne has been the leading voice behind online gambling in the state and also acts as the Gaming Oversight...

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The Real Reason Online Poker is Not Regulated in America

For many, the rational though as to why online gambling is still not legal in the United States is because of moral issues. With centuries of the government telling us what we can and can't do, it's only natural to think the same when it comes to online gambling. This is after all, the main rhetoric we hear when politicians speak out against online gambling an...

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Howard Lederer Breaks His Silence

It's been 5 long years since Black Friday rocked the poker world and turned it upside down. It's been almost as long since we have seen, or heard from Howard Lederer - the man in charge of the company, and who most blame for the fiasco that was Full Tilt. Aside from a 7-hour interview with Lederer by Poker News, most of the mainstream has not heard a peep fr...

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Nevada Governor Wants Poker Liquidity

If you ask any poker player, they will tell you a larger pool of players is much better than a smaller one. This is pure common sense. Common sense many lawmakers do not have. As of now, the regulated poker market in the United States is an interstate one that forces players to be within a state's borders to play online poker. Only Nevada, New Jersey and Delaw...

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Senator Lindsey Graham Adds Negative Poker Jargon to Latest Budget Bill

Online poker in the United States has been fighting the fight for almost a decade now. Politicians are beginning to come around on the game, but having just a single opponent is a major obstacle for any chance of a fully regulated market. One of online pokers biggest enemies thus far has been Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas casino mogul who spent millions on tr...

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Russian City Seeks to Penalize Online Gamblers

Russia is decades removed from a communist ruled government. Yet, the country still remains one of the strictest when it comes to online gambling. All forms of online gambling are considered illegal in Russia with no regulated market. Ironic, being that many of the top professionals come out the country. Russia also outlaws any form of live gambling and regu...

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U.S. Online Poker Traffic Update - Outsiders Still Reign

The U.S. poker market is still alive and well. We have our state run sites in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. And we still have a few un regulated sites that operate within their borders. Surprisingly, traffic has seen steady growth, small, but steady none the less. While many felt the introduction of Poker Stars into the market once again would immediately...

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Michigan Introduces Online Gambling Bill SB 889

States have been slow to move thus far with progressing online gambling to fruition. For the past year or so, California and New York appeared to be the front runners to be the next state to legalize online gambling. California recently proposed a bill which was the first step. However, push backs from tribal casinos and race tracks have been the main roadblock.I...

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PokerStars Announces Date for Full Tilt Merger

Its official! Back in February, PokerStars had announced they planned to rid the online poker world of Full Tilt. Not in those exact words, but I'm sure many feel that the time has come to finally rip the band aid off and get it over with. The merger was announced, yet no official date was set - leaving us questioning when, and what would happen to player...

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California Passes Initial Round of Online Gambling Regulation

California passed major hurdle on April 28th, with their passing of bill AB 2863. This bill has seen numerous updates to suit the needs of both the horse racing industry, and the Tribal casinos that appear to be the major roadblocks for regulating online poker. After being presented to the state senate, the bill was passed unanimously with a 19-0 vote. But, we...

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Phil Ivey Back in Court

It's been almost four years since famed poker pro Phil Ivey has won, then lost £7.8 million at Crockfords Casino. In August of 2012, Ivey and his friend won the money playing Punto Banco, (Baccarat) at the U.K. casino. The casino then deemed Ivey and his acquaintance to be cheating and withheld his winnings. It took months to determine this initial outcome,...

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Portuguese Poker Regulation Could Shut Out Major Networks

One of those countries is Portugal. In 2015, it was announced that Portuguese players would not be permitted to segregate with international player pools. This would essentially, 'Fence Off' the tiny nation from the rest of the world. Much the same model as France and Spain have been using for some time. This was obviously bad news for poker players hailin...

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5 Years After Black Friday - Where are We Now?

Today marks the 5th anniversary of Black Friday - the event that rocked the poker world. Much has come out of this turbulent, and some may say arrogant act of the United States government. From the moment we stared at our computer screens with that F.B.I. Seizure warning, speculations began swirling as to what would happen next. The obvious first take down w...

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