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In Omaha poker there can be two winners, one the best hand or the high-hand and then the player with the low-hand. Though there is always a player with a high-hand there is not always a low-hand. If a player's hand has to qualify as being a low-hand then the five cards which form the player's hand should each have denominations of less than eight.

As part of Omaha poker strategy players must place any of the two of the four hole cards as high and any of the two as low. It is important to note the split of the four hole cards as two for high and two for low. Players need to know that aces can be played high and low.

One important aspect of Omaha poker strategy is to remember that flushes and straights do not mean that a hand should be called low. This means that if a player ends with 5, 4, 3, 2, A then he/she would have an unbeatable low hand. This would also be a high five straight. If a player gets such a hand then he/she would win both the shares of the pot, the one for the high and the one for the low as well. While it might sound interesting that a player can win half the pot with a high hand or a low hand it is very important to note that there is a huge difference in the value of half the pot and the whole pot. Winning the entire pot or ‘scooping' as it is generally called in poker would get a player a lot more than what he/she would gain from winning half the pot. It would not matter whether half the pot is won on a high or a low hand.

Getting the full pot gives a player a lot more chips to play with whereas winning half would not really make much of a difference. The emphasis is on scooping since this would mean the player who gets the whole pot time and again can raise the stakes when the time comes. Seasoned Omaha poker players would never choose to play and win half the pot since they know it would not leave them with much. When it comes to Omaha poker strategy for winning the pot, players should keep in mind to play for a scoop.

Reading and knowing the strategies that can be applied is better than getting in to a game not knowing what to do and when. Knowing all the strategies would not help either if they are not applied at the right time. Players should be ready to spend time and money perfecting the strategies and skills. Techniques applied by players keep changing almost every day so there isn't one single strategy that players can stick to and claim as the one that will win them all the games.

Omaha poker strategies need to be changed by the players as per the demands of the game based on the kind of cards received. A good strategy should get a player a scoop.

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