Sit N Go Strategy

Sit n Go poker tournaments are among the most popular events at online poker rooms today. These types of events are only found online and are usually limited to ten players. They don't usually last longer than hour and are a great way to increase that bankroll if you only know how. The top three players in a single table Sit n Go tournament usually make the money. As poker is a game of skill, there are many things you can do to improve your Sit n Go strategy and up your winnings.

Should I or Shouldn't I?

A good Sit n Go strategy begins with the simple question of whether or not you should enter the event to begin with. A rule of thumb is to avoid events that cost more than one tenth of your total bankroll to enter. Knowing that you can afford to play in this particular event will give you peace of mind and confidence, and having enough leeway in your bankroll will ensure that you can carry the losses if you hit a bad streak.

Think Opposite

The natural Sit n Go strategy would be to play loosely at the first few levels and then later play great hands. While this type of strategy is understandable, seasoned Sit n Go players actually suggest doing the opposite by aiming to survive until half the players have dropped and saving those chips for play later on.

Watch Those Chips

A common mistake among Sit n Go players is to ignore their opponents' chip stacks. By keeping an eye on the opposition, it may be possible to read into their next move and act accordingly.

Aggressive Play is Okay

Experts suggest that you should act on a good hand and should not be afraid to put more chips in that you usually would. Aggressive play is the way to go in Sit n Go tournaments and if you feel your hand is not good enough, simply don't play it.

Keep Track

If you want to improve your Sit n Go strategy over time, one of the best ways to do so is to keep track of each game you play. Log in to a simple table all the information such as the date you played, the results of the tournament and why you won/lost. This will help you identify problem areas and remind you of where to tweak your game strategy.

Start Low

If you haven't played Sit n Go tournaments before, you will want to keep your initial stakes low. This will help you build up your bankroll (nice and slow does it) without too much pressure and allows you to avoid losing big if it's not your day. Once you've honed those skills and built up your confidence, you will be ready to increase your stakes and start winning bigger amounts.

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