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Playing online Big2 has only just begun to surface on the internet and will definitely be a game to look out for in future as it is a very popular card game amongst asian communities. There aren't many places where you can play Big2 online yet but we will keep this list up to date as it starts to become more available.

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Origins of Big 2

Also known as big deuce, deuces, da lao er, choch dai di, dai di, or pusoy dos whatever name it is called can basically be translated as a derivative of two or big two. In the Netherlands it is called Sjalalien. It would be interesting to know the real intentions of the game since Dai D actually means 'step on the little guy'! The game is relatively new, only beginning in the 1980s in China and was immediately popular in neighboring Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines and Singapore. It is played in some western countries too, but is not as popular as it is in eastern towns and depending on where it is played, rules vary.

Semantics of Big 2

Four players are involved (in some circumstances it is two or three however) using a regular deck of playing cards, ranking from high to low. Suits also go from high to low (spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds; in most cases this is how it goes). Dealing is usually anticlockwise (as is play). Any player can deal first but once there is a winner, he or she deals the next hand. The dealer is the shuffler but the player to his or her right, cuts. Once the pack has been cut, the dealer shows a card to work out who gets dealt the first card. Everyone has a hand of 13 cards which they must organize. The player with the three of diamonds starts (playing this card). Next is the player to his/her right. Players have the option of passing or beating previous play with a better combination of the same number of cards. The one who plays the highest starts again by playing any card/s. No player is pressured to beat a card (even if they can) as passing is permissible (this way one keeps their higher cards for a different opportunity later on in the game). All players can ask each other how many cards they have (and players must respond honestly).

Aim of Big 2

Each of the four players wants to try and get rid of all their cards as quick as possible, faster than the other players by playing them to the table. There are two options for playing the cards: single or with combinations. For players who haven't been first to play all their cards, the next thing to do is be left with as few cards as possible when the next player finishes.

Winning Big 2

The player who plays all their cards they have wins the game. At this point the game is over and the hand is scored. This means the other players are not able to get rid of their cards by beating the winner's final cards.

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